Facebook Ads new Scrapbook Feature for Pictures of your Kids


If you’re like most parents, you tend to post a large amount of pictures of your children onto Facebook. However, you’ve probably noticed that the user-friendliness of posting pictures and sharing them with your target audience and tagging others to reach their friends is subpar. That’s why Facebook is introducing a new scrapbook setting.

Now, when you have a new picture to add, you can just go to your Family and Relationships setting, then start a new Scrapbook. You can choose to co-own it with your significant other in order to let friends of each of you see all of the photos. Each child can have his own scrapbook, so that you can organize the photos of your bundle of joy more efficiently.

If this sounds interesting to you, you should definitely check it out next time you log on to Facebook. After giving it a go, check back here and let us know how well it works!

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) Beta runs Android Apps in Chrome


If you are one of the many people that wishes you can use the apps you love from your phone on your computer, you’re in luck. Thanks to Google’s new Chrome app, ARC Welder, you can now run your favorite apps like Duolingo, Clash of Clans, or Vine, all from your Chrome web browser.

If you’d like to figure out how to run your apps from your browser, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the ARC Welder Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Launch the app and select the .apk file you want to run.

3. Finally, select the settings for the app. (landscape or portrait mode, tablet or phone mode, etc.)

4. Launch your app and have fun using it!

This is new software, so, as usual, expect bugs, and expect plenty. Many apps will work swimmingly with the new ARC Welder, many won’t. It’s important to contact the developer for any application with bugs, and this is no exception, so when you reach problems, let Google know.

Got anything else to add? Leave a comment below and start a discussion!

Source: Chrome Developer

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Motorola announces the customizable Moto Selfie Stick, available in either wood or leather


You can customize your own Moto X smartphone or Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker, but a new accessory from Motorola is sure to excite you. Introducing the Moto Selfie Stick.

Selfies are more about you than even your phone so why not make it as unique as you are? Starting right now, you can customize your own Moto Selfie Stick with wood or leather.

Motorola can’t guarantee that you will capture fantastic shots of your kisser, but you will have fun holding your new stick!!

Watch Motorola explain the precision and detail behind the greatest selfie stick ever in the video below…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Happy April Fools’ Day

source: Motorola

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LG G3 now comes with VR accessory at select US retailers

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention and I award you five Internet points. (Warning: Internet points not redeemable for currency in this or any dimension.) We first brought this to your attention back in February, but at the time LG only indicated that the offer would go into effect some time near the end of February. *checks calendar* So oops on that one, I guess.

Anyway, today LG has announced that they are double sure that the deal is kicking in this time and select US retailers will be providing you with a free plastic version of Google Cardboard that is custom made for the LG G3 when you buy the phone. You will also receive a QR code that will net you a free download of some VR gaming content. We are following up for a list of the select retailers carrying this deal and will update when we have it.

No word on how existing G3 owners might be able to purchase this gear, but they are running a contest on Facebook giving away 1,300 of the VR units, so if you own a G3 and have a Facebook account, then head on over there and give it a shot.

I doubt this is going to be enough to tip the scales for anyone to pick up a G3, but I always like seeing companies throw some freebies in with their phones these days. Anyone thinking of buying a G3 now that almost all of them have been updated to Lollipop, or is the G4 too close?

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ARC Welder lets you run Android apps straight from the Chrome web browser


Android apps are the best. The only thing cooler than having them run on your phone is if you could somehow bring them to your desktop. Well, you can. Using Chrome and Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC for short), developers were given the ability to port their Android apps by having them run as a Chrome app. Initially there were only 4 apps available (Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine), and only for Chrome OS users, although a “hack” was later discovered.

ARC Welder Chrome app

But now, Google’s new Chrome app — ARC Welder — gives developers and ordinary folk the ability to test and just play around with Android apps straight from the Chrome web browser. Set up is easy, just download the ARC Welder Chrome app and once launched, select the zip file or APK of your application you want to run. From there, you can decide if you’d like the app to run in portrait or landscape mode, tablet or phone mode, and a few other parameters.

Phandroid News app tablet landscape mode

Once you launch the app, you’ll have a mostly functional Android app running on your desktop with little fuss. Not every app plays nice with ARC, so your mileage may vary. We were able to test our own Phandroid app amongst a few others. If you guys have luck with anything else, feel free to drop a comment below. For more detailed instructions, check out the official “Getting Started with ARC” page here .

Download from Chrome Web Store: ARC Welder

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T-Mobile’s Lollipop update for the LG G3 now available, but not rolling out over-the-air


After the Lollipop update for the LG G3 entered into T-Mobile’s “testing phase” early last week, we knew it was only a matter of time before it officially began hitting devices. Sure enough, Android 5.0.1 is now finally ready for the T-Mobile LG G3, but not in the way many of you are used to.

The update isn’t pushing out over-the-air, so you can’t update from just your phone alone. Instead, you’ll need to update the T-Mobile LG G3 via LG’s Mobile Support Tool (download it here ). This means you’ll have to download LG’s updating software to your desktop computer and like an animal, connect your device via USB in order to apply the update.

LG G3 Lollipop Android 5.0.1 update

We’re not sure how long the update will only be available in this way, but it’s kinda neat that a manufacturer is giving users the option to update early with this method rather than waiting around for a carrier to push out new software to their device. Again, it’s entirely possible the update — which at the time of writing, still hasn’t been green lit by T-Mobile — will be rolling out to G3s in the coming hours/days/weeks. So, if this process is too much for you, just sit tight. Lollipop will be here soon enough.

[T-Mobile Support]

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Google Drive for Work gets new security features

google-drive-banner Google has implemented new security features for those of you using Drive for Work. The focus on security for cloud solutions has been important for Google as more and more businesses move from traditional solutions to the cloud.

Google for Work are getting two new features tailored specifically for their Drive usage, including being able to adjust sharing settings by departments and Drive alerts. The admin console controlling a Drive for Work account can let different parts of a business share different things, increasing security over sensitive information. The Drive alerts are useful, too, as they’ll let you set up several different notifications for when specific actions happen, such as when documents are shared outside of the business.

Google Apps for Work customers are getting a different new feature, plus a related notification feature. Apps for Work admins can set up alerts for different actions, such as when programs are installed. They’ll also be able to let users reset their own passwords instead of having an IT department handling every request for a forgotten password.

Google also introduced other new features that aren’t specific to Google for Work or Apps for Work customers, including better sharing of files to email addresses that aren’t using Drive, and Information Rights Management on files. IRM prevents downloading, printing, and sharing of sensitive files, and is available for word documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows.

source: Google

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HTC One M9 drop and full water submersion tests make us cringe [VIDEOS]

HTC One M9 cracked display

We still have a few more days before you can officially mosey into a store and leave with a shiny new HTC One M9 in your pocket. After we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6’s durability put to the test, it’s now time for the the HTC One M9 to suffer the same fate.

Our latest double feature is brought to you by Phil Esposito and the twisted minds over at TechSmartt who wasted no time in taking up HTC on their new Uh Oh protection policy. We know most devices these days feature some level of water resistance, normally just enough to survive a few minutes out in the rain or a quick splash into a puddle.

HTC already told us, like last year’s One M8, the One M9 is rated for IPX3. This means it’s splash proof, but isn’t meant to be fully immersed in water. But what happens if (heaven forbid) your brand new HTC One M9 takes a dive into your toilet? Well, according to the video below, it might be salvageable even if swimming around for 20+ minutes (the Galaxy S6 hit a similar time before kicking the bucket). Check out the video down below to see for yourself.

Now, we know the HTC One M9 can survive a quick dip in water — but what about when it slips out of your hand and comes into contact with cold, hard concrete. Once again, we have another video showing you this worse case scenario, illustrating exactly what happens when you drop the HTC One M9 from a series of different heights. The result? A few dings, dents, chips, and eventually… a broken display. No surprise there.

But all in all, the HTC One M9 held up rather well. Because the glass is kind of floating towards the middle of the device (thank goodness for the boom sound speakers, right?), a big drop onto its corner wont actually crack the display. It will, however, leave a nasty dent in the body.

While situations like this are enough to make any smartphone lover cringe, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens to your HTC One M9 — whether it’s dropped, doused, or set on fire — HTC’s Uh Oh protection has you covered.

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You can now customize snooze times in Inbox by Gmail (and Google finally added a Contacts button)

inbox by gmail

Google has published a quick update for Inbox by Gmail that makes a small, but important tweak: you can now customize your “morning” and “evening” times for snoozing email. The app originally sets 7:00am and 7:00pm for snooze times for everyone who downloads it, but that might not always be the most convenient (such as for yours truly, whose mornings unfortunately begin far before the sun rises at 7:00am).

If you’re not aware what snoozing in Inbox is, it’s a feature that lets you dismiss an email until a later time. The email will popup again at the time you specify as if the email just arrived in your inbox. It’s a very convenient tool that makes it tough for you to forget about an important or interesting email that you can’t read immediately.

snoozing email inbox Google says the latest change will go into effect automatically, so there’s no need to wait for an update from Google Play. It’s also obviously immediately present in the desktop website as well.

Google will ask you if you want to customize your snooze time the next time you go to snooze an email, and anything you snooze from there on will popup at your new time (even if you previously had an item snoozed before the update arrived). You’ll also be able to differentiate between morning and evening times, so your 6am wake up time doesn’t necessarily have to be matched by a 6pm evening time.

Oh, and one more thing: Google finally added a quick button to access Google Contacts on the desktop web from within Inbox. It’s about damn time.

[via Google]

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Google announces new Chromebooks and Chromebit HDMI stick to supercharge your TV

ASUS Chromebook Flip 2

Given the amount of time most people spend on their computers surfing the web — whether for school, work, or play — a low-cost computing device like Google’s Chromebooks make a lot of sense. Today, Google has announced a few new entries into the Chromebook space, with new laptops from Haier and Hisense — all running Google’s Chrome OS. They’re not available just yet, but they can be pre-ordered for $150 from Amazon and Walmart.

ASUS Chromebook 10 Flip

Google also unveiled a new high-end Chromebook from ASUS, called the Chromebook Flip. As the name suggests, the ASUS Chromebook Flip is a convertible, ultra-portable laptop measuring in at just 15mm in thickness, and less than 2lbs in weight. The Flip also features an all-metal construction and a touch screen, should you want to go keyboard-less. The Chromebook Flip will launch this spring and be priced at $250.

ASUS_Chromebit Chromestick_V1

Probably the most interesting new device was ASUS’ new $100 Chromebit HMDI dongle. It’s about the size of a candybar and features a full blown Chrome OS along with hardware specs like a Rockchip 3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, ARM Mali 760 GPU, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB RAM, USB port, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and Bluetooth 4.0. It even has a swivel to help it reach those hard-to-reach places behind your TV.

Once plugged in, it’ll level up your television and could come in handy if you enjoy keeping up with The Walking Dead on the web. While extremely affordable, other necessary hardware like a keyboard or mouse is sold separately, but you should have no trouble finding those.

[Google Chrome Blog]

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Amazon’s Dash Button lets you refill home goods at the simple press of a button [VIDEO]

amazon dash tide

Our immediate reaction to Amazon’s latest announcement was that it has to be an April Fools joke, but perhaps that’s a testament to just how cool and future-thinking this product actually is. This is the Amazon Dash Button, a tiny little button that you can press to instantly order replenishment for any perishable product you need from Amazon.

amazon dash button maxwell

Whether that product is a huge case of diapers, enough gatorade to supply a full basketball team or some macaroni and cheese, you only need to press the button once and Amazon will automatically place an order for shipment to your doorstep. You’ll get a notification on your phone to confirm the details of your order, and Amazon’s app will make it easy enough to make changes to your button’s behavior whenever you need, such as setting up different quantities or flavors.

The buttons can be ordered from Amazon, and the best part is it’s free for any Prime user. You might also find some products that come with Amazon Dash Buttons pre-installed, such as a washing machine with a Tide button or a water cooler that’ll get you jugs of nature’s primary element whenever you need it.

amazon dash button phone app In fact, there’s already one such product that exists. It’s Poppy’s smart coffee machine that’ll make you coffee whenever you need it, whether you set an automatic timer to have it make a batch in the morning, or you tell it to make a cup via the smartphone app for when you get home. Poppy’s machine integrates Amazon’s dash replenishment service to automatically detect when you’re running low on coffee and place an order for more to ensure you get a shipment before you run out.

You’ll see the same sort of functionality in Brita’s smart filters and Brother’s printers. Sounds like cool stuff. Unfortunately we’re not yet sure of some of the details of Dash Button, such as whether you’ll be able to order a generic one to program for getting items such as those that can be bought through Amazon Subscribe & Save.

Amazon users who are interested can actually sign up to be let in on the early round of testing set to go down within the next few weeks. In the meantime be sure to check out the early crop of products you’ll be able to order Dash buttons for right here once Amazon’s fully launched this thing, and keep your fingers crossed that this isn’t the most elaborate April Fools day joke in existence!

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Xiaomi celebrates 5th birthday by announcing Redmi 2A, Smart Scale and more


Considering how quickly the company has risen to fame, particularly in Asia, it’s hard to believe that Xiaomi is only just now preparing to turn 5 years old. The company’s birthday is officially on April 6th, but they are celebrating early with the announcement of several new product offerings.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pink Edition, Xiami Mi 4 2GB variant, and Redmi 2A


First up, let’s start with smartphones. While Xiaomi revealed a new Pink version of the Xiaomi Mi Note called the “Mi Note Pink Edition”, there’s really nothing new here outside of the color. Moving along, Xiaomi has also finally showcased a variant of the device that includes 2GB of RAM, lowered from the original 3GB. The end result is a cheaper price tag of 1,6999 Yuan ($274), versus the original price of about $290.


For those that are looking for an extremely budget-friendly option from Xiaomi, the new Redmi 2A has been announced with an aggressive price tag of just 599 Yuan, or roughly $96.65. The Redmi 2A trades out the Snapdragon 410 found in the original Redmi 2, in favor of a 1.5GHz Leadcore LC1860 quad-core CPU with a Mail T628MP2 GPU. The rest of the specs include 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, a 4.7-inch 720p display, 4G LTE, two SIM slots, and a 2,200 mAh battery.

A 4K 55-inch Mi TV 2 model


Recently Xiaomi brought a budget-priced 1080p 40-inch model Mi TV 2 to the market, but now they’re giving us something a bit further upscale. The new 55-inch 4K model has a Samsung RGB LCD panel and is powered by a quad-core Cortex A17 processor at 1.4GHz, paired with 2GB RAM with 8GB storage, a wireless 8-speaker soundbar, and Dolby MS12 virtual surround sound.

As you might expect, the 4K model isn’t going to be ultra cheap, but at 4,999 Yuan ($806), it is still extremely aggressively priced compared to most other 4K displays out there on the market today.

A smart scale and a smart socket


The last two items announced by Xiaomi are a bit less conventional, namely a Smart Scale and a Smart Socket.

The new Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale is basically Xiaomi’s take on something like the Fitbit Aria scale, giving you a way to track weight, BMI and more using the Mi Fit app and Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing. The big difference here between other smart scales is the price tag. At only 99 Yuan — roughly $16 — the Mi Smart Scale is an absolute steal, especially when you consider that the Aria is priced above $100.


Lastly, we have a Smart Socket that is designed with 3 USB charging ports, supports fast charging, has a childproof internal shutter mechanism, and, of course, acts as a surge-protector to. This particular accessory will run for 49 Yuan ($8).

For more details on any of these announcements, be sure to head on over to Xiaomi’s website.


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Huawei P8 surfaces in TENAA filing revealing specs


The forthcoming Huawei P8 smartphone, expected to be announced as the company’s next flagship at an April 15th event, surfaced in a filing with TENAA, the Chinese equivalent to the FCC. Besides the information about specs that are included in the filing, Huawei also supplied several images giving us an official look at the device.

The Huawei P8 specs are consistent with previously leaked information. The smartphone will be powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 930 octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage expandable via microSD. The Huawei P8 will come with a 5.2-inch 1080p display and a 13MP camera. The device will come loaded with Android Lollipop out of the box. Sources expect the smartphone to be priced at less than $500.


source: GSMArena

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Google and Samsung get a head start on April Fools with Chrome selfies and a meat cleaver phone

can't tell if serious

Have you looked at your calendar today? If not, let me tell you what day it is: March 31st. You know what that means? Tomorrow is April 1st, the infamous April Fools day. That means companies are about to flood the internet with jokes, press releases about fake products and other cheeky shenanigans.

There’s just one problem this year: some companies can’t help but to get started a day early. Google has already unleashed a few of their own, the most cool of which is an interactive new Google Maps feature that turns your local area map into a game of Pacman. You can actually play it right now by clicking here, if you want (or stroll into the Google Maps for Android app).

google maps pacman

It’s not a joke, per se, but it’s a cool and fun little quirk that Google likely tossed in to celebrate the goofiness of tomorrow’s pseudo-holiday. It’s also a great way to promote the real-world augmented reality counterpart being featured in the latest Ingress update.

It doesn’t stop there for them. They’ve sneakily baked a feature into the latest version of Google Chrome that will enable a new “Chrome Selfie” feature once the calendar turns.

Phandroid chrome selfie

Steve is blown away by that dreamy Samsung user interface concept! The idea is that you take a selfie with your reaction of whatever site you’re viewing, and you can send a shot of that selfie and website off to your friends to view. It’s the one killer feature we’ve always been waiting for! Not. You can give it a try right now by changing the timezone on your calendar to GMT +10.

It isn’t just Google’s US arm having a good time, either. Those in Japan have already gotten their fun in, with Google Japan teasing a new “hornpipe” input feature that allows you to input text in Japanese without having to type or even speak anything. Just blow!

And then there’s Samsung, whose Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge smartphone promises to serve dual purpose as a butcher’s knife. It’ll feature built-in thermometer styli, a fold-up handle for easy conversion and, you guessed it, a fire proof display.

samsung galaxy blade edge joke

Oh, and food porn. Finally, we’re able to record our meat chopping experience from the perspective of the destructive tool that makes it all happen, and then easily take a photo of the finished product afterward!

Sad to say it, folks, but this is only the beginning. The Next 24-48 hours will spawn an even greater number of jokes. Some will be funny. Some will even make us wish they were actual ideas and products. And then there will be the bunch that will outright make us cry, cringe and wish this day never existed, all the while actual announcements have to be questioned for their legitimacy in a sea of ridiculous satire. This is April Fools. Prepare yourselves.

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Xiaomi announces $15 Mi Smart Scale

Mi Scale

In an effort to keep up with its competitors, Xiaomi has today announced the latest device in its connected line-up. The Mi Smart Scale will retail for 元92 (CNY), around $15, when it launches in China next month.

Like many other smart scales on the market, Xiaomi’s offering supports 50g precision and can measure in either kilograms or pounds. User’s will have the facility to track weight and BMI with the Mi Fit app which is compatible with both Android and iOS.


Sadly, we have no information with regards to an International launch for the Mi Smart Scale as of yet, so for now it appears to be a China-exclusive, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as and when we find out more information.

After all, who doesn’t want a smart scale for $15? I know I certainly do.

Source: Facebook

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Alcatel OneTouch Watch pre-sales now open for $149.99

alcatel onetouch watch

Alcatel today announced that their OneTouch Watch — which was revealed at CES 2015 – is now available for pre-order directly from their website for $149.99. The OneTouch Watch isn’t an Android Wear watch, though that’s due to the fact that they wanted it to be compatible with both iOS and Android. It runs OneTouch’s proprietary operating system which they claim will deliver better battery life and a smoother user experience.

Whether those promises will hold up remain to be seen, though the company is bold enough to advertise that the watch’s 210mAh battery can last anywhere between 2 and 5 days depending on usage. Other specs include a

  • Thickness of watch face: 10.5 mm

  • Diameter of watch face: 41.8 mm

  • Thickness of wristband: 3.5 mm

  • Width of wristband: 20 mm

  • USB 2.0 charging port that charges in one hour and exists on the wrist strap instead of the watch itself

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

  • 1.22-inch 240 x 204 circular display

  • accelerometer and gyroscope

  • NFC

  • heart rate sensor

  • Compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 7 and higher

Want one? Be sure to head right here and place your order. They ship with a sporty black wrist band as standard, though OneTouch tells us they’ll have more options available as 2015 rolls on. No word on when these are expected to ship just yet but we’re hopefully you’ll be able to get one before indulging in some Spring and

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Designer exposes unreleased version of TouchWiz


Much has been said about Samsung’s software over the years. People have complained about TouchWiz yet plenty of consumers continue to buy the company’s devices. TouchWiz has certainly matured and evolved, looking the best it ever has. However, it could have looked even better. Designer Gerald Mark Soto, who claims to have worked with Samsung, posted two videos exposing an unreleased version of TouchWiz. Everything about the software is sharp with flowing animations.

The software seen in the videos is the same captured in photographs that leaked prior to the launch of the Galaxy S5. So perhaps the overhauled version of TouchWiz that leaked last year was being considered for the Galaxy S6 (and did not make the cut).

Hit the break for the videos.

Source: Gerald Mark Soto
Via: SamMobile

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Samsung planned a huge TouchWiz revamp at some point, and it looked awesome [VIDEO]


Last year, @evleaks treated us to leaked concepts of a TouchWiz revamp Samsung purportedly planned to introduce on their latest flagship handsets, but once the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched we were saddened to see the same ol’ TouchWiz. The Samsung Galaxy S6, while a bit better looking, still didn’t look nearly as good as the leaks.

But the leaks were real, and Samsung really did toy around with the possibility of creating this awesome user interface for use on their smartphones. That much was revealed by one of the designers they tasked with dreaming up the concept, Gerald Mark Soto.

Gerald Mark Soto was responsible for engineering the animations, though it was Perception‘s vision he used to create it. Perception is a design firm credited for the futuristic user interfaces seen in films such as Robocop, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Men in Black and more, and they are indeed listing Samsung as one of the big partners they have worked with (or may still be working with).

You can see their work in the footage above and below. The user interface featured lush graphics and smooth, cool animations that make using a Samsung smartphone seem like the most blissful experience ever.

We’re not sure why Samsung decided not to go through with this project, though there are a couple of possibilities:

  • Technology constraints. As good as all this looked, it would demand some pretty good hardware. The TouchWiz of yesteryear already struggled to maintain smoothness throughout usage even on Samsung’s most powerful hardware, so it’s possible Samsung couldn’t replicate the concept without issues. There’s also the issue of how such an involved user interface could impact battery life.

  • Differing visions. We’d find it hard to imagine that top brass within Samsung’s ranks wouldn’t like Soto’s work, but it’s possible they simply didn’t feel it was a good fit for their smartphone right now.

  • It simply isn’t ready. Stuff like this is bound to take a lot of time, especially if Samsung has to build it from the ground up. The fact that the animator released the concept doesn’t bode well for the chances of this particular version of the concept to ever see the light of day, but that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t still cooking up something big.

TouchWiz has long been chastised for being too bloated and doing too much to detract from the overall Android experience, but if it looked anything like the concepts above we wouldn’t mind using it on a daily basis. How do you feel about it?

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You can now pre-order the Gold Platinum version of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at T-Mobile


T-Mobile launched pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge last Friday, but you couldn’t order the Gold Platinum version, only Black Sapphire or White Pearl.

As of this morning, you can now pre-order the Gold Platinum version in either 32, 64, or 128 GB. Unfortunately your order won’t ship right away since they won’t receive stock until closer to April 10. Don’t forget, you still get 1 year of Netflix for free with any Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge pre-order from T-Mobile.

Just click the source link below to get your order in.

source: T-Mobile

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Amazon taking pre-orders for HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6


Another retailer, this one online, has started to accept pre-orders for three of the year’s hottest devices. Right now, you can pre-order the HTC One M9 (review here), Samsung Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge through Amazon. The online retailer has various storage and color options when it comes to the carrier variants of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. For the One M9, Amazon has limited the selection to Gold on Silver and Gunmetal Grey all with 32GB of internal storage. The only carrier without its variants listed by Amazon is T-Mobile.

[HTC One M9] [Samsung Galaxy S6]

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WhatsApp voice calling now enabled for anyone and everyone who wants to use it


WhatsApp had previously given select lucky users the ability to place voice calls before, but a vast majority of the userbase was left out. That ends today — the company has flipped the server side switch that allows everyone to make voice calls.

As long as you’re on WhatsApp version 2.12.5, you’ll start to see a new tab named Calls where you can initiate calls to anyone on your contacts list, or simply press the dialer button you’ll find in a chat window.

Both users need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp for it to work, though that shouldn’t be a big issue as the latest update has been out for at least two weeks now. Give it a try the next time you prefer to grace your friends and families’ day with your voice rather than text.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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WhatsApp voice calling now available for all Android users


Users are now reporting that an update to the WhatsApp application on Android is officially bringing the voice calling feature to their devices. This comes after WhatsApp made it available to a select bunch of users a couple of months ago.

The feature will be apparently rolled out to all users in the form of an update directly through the Play Store. It’s likely that the update is already rolling out to the devices as we speak.

Voice calling is said to be baked into the version 2.12.19 of WhatsApp, so be on the lookout for an update if you use the IM app. The feature works just as advertised and will let you make calls using the internet connection to your contacts. This will save up on your precious voice minutes, although it will take some amount of mobile data if you’re using it outside the reach of a WiFi network.

Are you seeing the feature on your devices yet? Let us know in the comments section below. You can try downloading the app from the Play Store if you haven’t yet.

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